Worship through singing, stories and bible study is what you would typically find, every Saturday in a Seventh-day Adventist church all around the world.

The day starts with Sabbath School, usually at 9:30am. For children, there are songs, stories, crafts and fun activities. For the adults there are smaller groups where the Bible is read and discussed in a less formal setting than a typical church service. Here audience participation is welcomed. You can ask questions and learn more.

The church’s main worship program usually runs from 11am to noon where you'll receive the Word through singing, a sermon and mostly like some special music and a children's story.

In the afternoon at 5pm, there is the Adventist Youth program that caters specifically to young people. Here you will find young adults worship through music, drama and any channel possible to send the message of the gospel to young people.

Church is for everybody, we would love for you to join us!

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Samisoni Lolo



When are worship services held?

Every Sabbath (Saturday) morning and at other times through the week, both at the church building and elsewhere.

Do I need a Bible?

Yes, however you don't need to bring one, you don't need to bring anything, just yourself. If you would like a Bible, you can borrow one when you get here. You can also download a free Bible app to your smartphone.

Should I go if I don’t know anyone?

Our church is a place where all people are welcome, whether you’re younger or older, a lifelong Christian or a spiritual seeker. We would love to meet you! If you feel nervous, bring a friend or just send us a message.

Will I be asked to give money?

We have a time for offering every week where the regular attendees donate for various causes, you are not required to donate.

Will I be asked to speak publicly or pray?

If you participate in a small group Bible study, you’ll probably be asked to introduce yourself and to offer an opinion on what’s being discussed. But it’s not typical for a first-time guest to be singled out in the main worship service. Prayer is an important part of worship, and you are welcome to join in, but no one will ever force you to pray.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

We have deacons (they're our church stewards and wear pins that say 'Deacon') who are stationed at the different doors throughout the day, feel free to speak to any of them or just start with someone who looks friendly!

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